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(860)  705-8747 Anytime

Welcome to Hydro Carpet Cleaning of Connecticut.    

Offering carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and water extraction services across Connecticut. 

Our process uses a proven 220 degree steam technology and pathogen cleaning solutions that eliminates Covid19 on contact.    We use safe and effective solutions to insure your carpets are clean and fresh. 

We are a locally owned business by Brandon Johnson, a certified and trained carpet and fabric cleaner.   Using the best quality equipment and cleaning solutions, we guarantee

all our work.   After a sucessful career working for the State of CT Department of Corrections, Brandon has become the go-to guy to get your carpets cleaned properly at reasonable prices.   ​We are not a franchise nor do we subcontract out our work to others.

Give Brandon a call @ (860) 705-8746-- and get your carpets professionally cleaned today.  


Hydro Carpet Cleaning uses a Hot Water Extraction Cleaning System (HWE) this is the #1 Recommended Method and endorsed by the leading Carpet manufacturers.  Also we only use ECO friendly cleaning products that are safe for kids and pets.  To read more about carpet cleaning check out the industries top resrource.


We offer professional grade carpet HOT WATER EXTRACTION cleaning at a fraction of the industries standard pricing.  


Our equipment and trucks use the latest technology for safe and effective rug and fabric care - wheather its a kids room , rental unit or an expensive oriental rug.   Using steam, vaccume, dry methods and special cleaning solutions - we get the job done right.


All of our technicians are trained by the IICRC standards and keep up in the latest technology in the carpet cleaning industry.  Our cleaning process will help remove pollutants, dander, allergy causing pollens and mold spores.  The hot water extraction 200 degree plus temperature will kill and remove dust mites, bedbugs, fleas and ticks.


Hydro Carpet Cleaning prides itself on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Our #1 Goal


Same day appointments available - Call for an estimate or an on site estimate.



We guarantee to clean your carpets to your complete 

satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean the affected area at no cost. It’s our 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee.


"IF IT"S NOT HYDRO IT'S NOT CLEAN"  "Free Estimates -- or Questions PLEASE CONTACT US"

100% CLEAN CARPET GUARANTEE.   We guarantee to clean your carpets to your complete satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean the affected area at no cost. It’s our 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee.

   Hydro Carpet

      CLEANING of CT

Get Quality Carpet Cleaning at Low Prices - Guaranteed Results and Service.


100% CLEAN CARPET GUARANTEE.   We guarantee to clean your carpets to your complete satisfaction, or we will return and re-clean the affected area at no cost. It’s our 30-day, 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee.


We provide high quality carpet care:

• Deep steam cleaning of carpets
• Residential in-home service

• Commercial carpet cleaning
• Area Rug cleaning

• Pet stains and oders
• Food stains

• Maintenance services
• By the room or project




We are committed to the environment:

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals
• Safe for you and your family
• Safe for the environment

• EPA approved

• Only non-toxic substances such as water,

  biodegradable soap and steam are used
• Carpets look cleaner, last longer,

  feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher

• No allergic reactions



One call can do it all -- we clean sofa's, chairs and furniture.

• Sectionals 

• Chairs

• Love seats

• Beds

• Couches

• Fabric living, bedroom or dining room furniture

Give us a call antime to talk about your needs.



Carpet Cleaning Tips from Hydro

Four Steps for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is just like exercise! If you get into a routine and keep it up, you will see great results and feel better for it. Products that rate highly on CRI’s Seal of Approval (SOA) program are your assurance that you will clean correctly the first time (more on the SOA program below).



Here are four simple steps to keep your carpet clean and looking great:

  1. Vacuum high traffic areas daily, and everywhere according to a vacuuming schedule, using an SOA/Green Label-approved vacuum.

  2. Clean spots and spills quickly with products that do not damage the carpet or cause it to resoil quicker.

  3. Professionally deep clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove embedded dirt and grime.

  4. Stop dirt at the door by using mats outside and in, taking your shoes off when you enter the house and changing your air filters to reduce airborne dust particles.

Basic Rug Care

Rugs deserve the same care as wall-to-wall carpet and, in some cases, require special attention.

  • Washing rugs — If your rug is small and the label says “machine washable,” shake the rug outside first and then put it in the washing machine at the recommended temperature. Use warm water (90 to 105 degrees) and a mild detergent. Tumble your rug dry at the lowest heat setting.

  • Beating larger rugs — If your larger rug is easy to pick up, shake it outside first; then put it over a clothesline and beat it. Next, take the rug inside and vacuum it. Many carpet cleaning professionals have rug cleaning expertise as well, but, if the label says dry clean only, your best bet may be to roll it up and take it to a dry cleaner. Save time and aggravation by calling first to see if the cleaner does rug cleaning — many do not.

  • Vacuuming area rugs — Area rugs with fringe require special technique. Use gentle suction and start from the center of the carpet, vacuuming toward the fringe and being careful not to catch the strands in the beater bar. Lift the carpet edge to vacuum beneath the fringe.

  • Caring for Oriental, Turkish or Persian rugs — Clean imported rugs according to your carpet manufacturer’s specifications or bring in a professional cleaning service. Be gentle with fringe. For heirloom-type rugs, you need professionals.

If you have questions or need help please contact us.
Carpet Cleaning Tips

Environmental friendly steam cleaning for carpets, rug, tile and furniture throughout Connecticut.

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